We take great pride in the vast selection and high quality of all our plants, specially picked and nurtured to suit the unique weather and environment here in the North East of Scotland. 

Throughout the year our selection will vary wildly, with great choices of both annuals and perennials for any type of garden. Whether it's little 9cm bedding plants like primroses and lobelia to large specimen acers and cherry blossoms or anything inbetween.

So if you're an experienced gardener or new to joy of a green thumb we're always happy to give advice and help to anybody coming in.

Plants, Gardening




Climbers & Conifers

Soft Fruit & Fruit Trees

Herbaceous, Hedging


House Plants & Herbs

Planted Containers, Baskets

Roses, Rhododendrons

Shrubs, Specimen Trees

Tomato & Veg Plants

Hydrangea, Flower



Bird Feed, Feeders & Tables

Pot covers & Hanging Baskets

Choice of composts

Seeds & Bulbs

Propagation Equipment

Fertilisers and chemicals

Pot covers & Hanging Baskets

Gardening Tools

Watering & Irrigation

Pest Control

Weed Control

Plant Support & Protection

Glazed Pots & Recycled Plastic Pots

Aggregates & Paving

Gardening Accessories, Gardening Chemicals, Lawn Care

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