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Vitax Stay Off 750ml Ready To Use Spray

Vitax Stay Off 750ml Ready To Use Spray


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Vitax Stay Off is a ready-to-use animal repellent for use on paths, drives, patios, grass, borders, fruit and vegetable crops, trees and shrubs. It contains Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate which confuses an animal’s sense of taste and smell and deters them from fouling in the treated area. For best results all existing droppings and smells should be removed. Smells can be broken down by treating with a weak biological detergent.

Stay Off should be lightly and evenly sprayed across all garden areas and plants to be protected. One application should remain effective for up to four weeks. Fresh applications may be required on new plant growth.

Pack size: 750ml.
Coverage: treats up to 37.5m².

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