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Tomato Sungold F1 Hybrid Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

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An excellent new tomato for glasshouse or outdoor culture to provide lots of deliciously different fruit for salads etc. Tomato Sungold has an exceptional and very high sugar content. These attractive golden orange, approx. 13 gram, fruit are irresistible with a sweet flavour all their own -almost a dessert fruit! Sungold crops well and has resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Fusarium to ensure healthy plants.

Sowing Info

For greenhouse culture sow seeds late winter to early spring 1.5mm (1/16in) deep. Germination usually takes 6-14 days at 24-27C (75-80F).

Growing Info

Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3in) pots and later plant out into growbags, pots etc. 45-6cm (18-24in) apart. Outside, sow early spring and grow as above. When 2cm (8in) tall gradually acclimatise to outdoor conditions and

Aftercare Info

Remove side shoots as they appear and restrict the plant to one main stem. Outdoor plants remove growing tip late summer to hasten ripening.

Harvesting Period: July,August,September

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