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Sarpo Mira Seed Potato Main Crop

Sarpo Mira Seed Potato Main Crop


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These grow your own seed potatoes are a floury variety making them perfect for delicious mash and tasty roast potatoes. Grown especially for their naturally high resistance to blight & other common diseases.

Key Information:

  • The most blight resistant potato
  • Deep rooted making them drought resistant
  • High yielding & weed smothering foliage

Advice & Tips:

  • Planting out can take place as soon as the risk of frost has passed in your area (March-May)
  • Water regularly to improve the yield and discourage scab from forming

Useful Information:

When to sow: March onwards
When to Harvest: September/October
Culinary Use: Baking, chipping & roasting

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