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Salad Leaves – Bright and Spicy Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

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Salad Leaves – Bright and Spicy

  • A bright blend of coloured salad leaves, Bright & Spicy Salad Leaves consist of milder flavoured Pak Choy Golden Yellow, Choy Sum and Mizuna, plus a hint of spice from the Greek cress and mustard Red Frills. Bright & Spicy Salad Leaves are delightful added to salads, sandwiches and garnishes.

  • Sow seeds March to September outdoors, October to February under glass and all the year round on the windowsill.

    Sow seeds thinly, 13mm (½in) deep in pots of multipurpose compost on the windowsill, larger containers on the patio, or sow in drills 23cm (9in) apart in the garden.

  • Thin seedlings if necessary when large enough to handle to 1cm (4in) apart.

  • If sown in the garden keep weed free and water well during dry periods. Harvest a few leaves from each plant regularly.

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