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Leek 'Bulgaarse Reuzen - Lincoln' Seeds

Leek 'Bulgaarse Reuzen - Lincoln' Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

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If you can't wait for the autumn leek harvest, use Leek Lincoln to bring your crops into summer! We've selected this vigorous grower to bring you the earliest picking. An early spring sowing will lead to medium sized clean white shanks for picking in late summer. With little risk of bolting and inbuilt disease resistance, Leek Lincoln also stands well in the soil for harvest right through autumn - if you have the restraint to leave some of the tender, full flavoured shanks in the ground that long! Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 30cm (12").

1 packet (75 leek seeds) (54788)

Direct sow outdoors at a depth of 1cm (1/2") from late March to April into a well prepared seedbed, for transplanting to their final positions later on. Alternatively sow leek seed indoors from January to February at a depth of 1cm (1/2"), in modules using free-draining, seed sowing compost. Place in a propagator or seal container inside a plastic bag at a temperature of 10-15C (50-59F) until after germination which usually takes 14 -21 days. Once germinated, grow leek plants on in cool conditions until all risk of frost has passed.

When leeks are at least 20cm (8") tall, gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 7-10 days before transplanting them into the well prepared, rich fertile, well drained soil in sun or semi shade. Plant leeks at a distance of 23cm (9") between plants and 30cm (12") between rows. Alternatively grow leeks in patio bags of good quality compost. Using a large, thick dibber, create each planting hole to a depth of 15cm (6") and lower the leeks into the holes ensuring that they reach the bottom. Fill each hole with water, washing sufficient soil around the plants to ensure that they can establish. This planting method will produce leeks with well blanched stems. Cover with a protective netting or fleece to prevent attack from birds and insects. Water the plants thoroughly after planting.

Leeks should be watered regularly until fully established. Once established, they will only require watering during very dry periods. Hoe between rows of leeks to destroy weeds and bring insect larvae to the surface. Leeks can be harvested from autumn onwards; however they stand well in the ground and can be lifted when required throughout the winter and spring. Lift leeks by levering them out of the ground with a spade or fork.


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