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Herb Mint (Peppermint) Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

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Herb Mint (Peppermint)

  • Very versatile, for tangy mint sauce or garnish on new potatoes or peas.

    Cooking: The ideal accompaniment to roast lamb -for an unusual but delicious sauce mix with honey and lemon juice. Add to boiled new potatoes, peas, make mint jelly or garnish summer drinks.

    Companion Plant: Mint has a piquant aroma and as such is disliked by much of the insect world. Above all, plant mint close to all brassicas and it will repel the Cabbage White Butterfly and a sprig or two in your wardrobe will keep moths out of your clothes.

    Nature’s Remedy: It has a remarkable reputation with indigestion, for calming the nerves, for soothing sleep and recurring sickness. Many herbalists claim it aids virility and can be used against Migraine. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tablespoonful of chopped fresh leaves and leave to stand for 30 minutes. Take as required a tablespoon at a time.

  • Sow seeds from late winter to early summer in John Innes Seed Compost. Do not cover the seeds with compost. Make sure that the compost is moist but not wet and seal in a polythene bag until after germination which usually takes 7-16 days at 21-24C (70-75F).

  • Transplant when large enough to handle into 8cm (3in) pots. Later plant out 3cm (12in) apart into ordinary soil in part shade.

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