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Haxnicks Easy Tunnels


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Coming in three excellent types, these growtunnels are the perfect addition to the garden of anyone getting into growing their own vegetables. 

All tunnels measure L: 3m (9ft 10in) W: 0.6m (2ft) H: 0.45m (1ft 5in)

All Tunnels - Easy one-piece design and pulls out like an accordian. Dawstring ends allow access and ventilation. 

Giant Micromesh - The ultimate barrier against carrot fly, cabbage white, root fly, flea beetle and aphids. Eliminates the need for chemicals. Conserves moisture for stable, healthy growth with the Haxnicks Micromesh with the finest gauge mesh still allowing water to pass through.

Giant Net - Summer pest and weather protection, creating a barrier against winds, strong sun, animals and birds. High density mesh prevents scorching.

Giant Polytunnel - Protects crops against animals, birds, pests and diseaes as well as hard frots and harsh weather. Warms soil, stimulates earlier and quicker growth and retains moisture. 

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