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Henry Bell No Mess Mix Wild Bird Food 4kg

Henry Bell No Mess Mix Wild Bird Food 4kg

Henry Bell

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Henry Bell No Mess Wild Bird Seed In Recyclable Bag

Henry bells no mess seed mix is a nourishing blend of seeds, sunflower hearts and suet that is rich in nutrients to best meet the dietary and health requirements of wild birds. And as a bonus, all husks and waste have been removed creating a unique no mess blend.

Suitable for use in seed feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding.


  • Kibbled maize

  • Red Dari

  • Pinhead oatmeal

  • White millet

  • Cut wheat

  • Sunflower hearts

  • Flaked wheat

  • Red millet

  • Suet pellets

  • Soya oil


All no mess seed packaging is recyclable.

The material used across Henry bells wild bird food range from the smallest 1kg to the biggest 12.55kg bags are all made from polyethylene single source polymer laminate, a structure which is easy to recycle as it can be  re-granulated back into its original form. Furthermore, it also protects the integrity of the elements inside each bag.

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