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Happy Compost Medium Chip Bark 50L

Happy Compost Medium Chip Bark 50L

Bord Na Mona

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Happy Compost’s packaging is recyclable, using 30% recycled plastic in the bags – the highest amount achievable. The core raw materials in Happy Compost products are either recycled or by-products including bark, green compost, wood fibre and coir, all of which are 100% peat-free.

Happy Compost is manufactured in Great Britain at the most modern growing media factory in the country and trialled extensively over two years, outperforming all brand leading peat-free compost. The Greener Gardening Company has moved all production to the UK at a new site in Liverpool and a new distribution site in Cambridgeshire.

  • Decorative ground cover

    • Retains moisture in soil
    • Suppressing weeds
    • Protecting roots from frost 

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