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Cabbage Ruby Ball F1 Hybrid Seeds

Cabbage Ruby Ball F1 Hybrid Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

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An early maturing, vigorous and uniform Red Cabbage with deep red, solid and compact heads. The remarkably sweet flavour and high quality makes Cabbage Ruby Ball ideal for cooking as well as pickling. For late summer/autumn cropping.

Sowing Info

Sow seeds outdoors in a well prepared seed bed in early spring. Sow seeds thinly 12mm ( ½in) deep in rows 23cm (9in) apart. If the soil is dry water well and allow to drain before sowing.

Growing Info

Transplant at the 5-6 leaf stage 6cm (24in) apart in rows 6cm (24in) apart. The soil should be firm and contain plenty of well rotted compost etc, preferably from a previous crop, it should also be well limed.

Aftercare Info

Hoe regularly and don't allow the soil to dry out. From a late winter sowing under glass the heads are ready in July.

Harvesting Period: August,September,October

No of Seeds:40

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