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Broccoli 'Ironman' F1 Hybrid (Calabrese) Seeds

Broccoli 'Ironman' F1 Hybrid (Calabrese) Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

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Consistent head quality and uniformity

No.1 commercial variety now available to home growers

Sow regularly through Feb-June for all-season use

Grow like a pro with Calebrese Ironman F1. Commercial growers have replaced traditional Marathon with Ironman F1 and so should you! This top performing calabrese offers the longest cropping period from late May through to October, producing uniform blue-green domed heads. A quick-cropper ready to harvest in as little as 75 days after transplanting. Broccoli Ironman F1 shows good tolerance to hollow stem and resistance to bolting. Suitable for closer spacing for baby head production, or simply because growing space is tight. Height and spread 40cm (16").

1 packet (30 broccoli seeds)

Water sprouting broccoli plants regularly and do not allow them to dry out as this may impair their development. Hoe between plants regularly to prevent weeds from establishing and bring insect larvae to the surface. Purple sprouting broccoli should be harvested before the flowers open. Pick shoots when they are 15cm (6") long. Regular picking will encourage more shoots to be produced. Don't remove the large leaves as these will protect the next batch of shoots as they develop. Culinary note: Sprouting broccoli is suitable for freezing.


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