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Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

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Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod

  • A very good flavoured broad bean, with good pod length and remarkable table qualities. It may well be the best green-seeded variety, excellent for deep freezing and growing well under all conditions. Height: 75-90cm (30-36in).

  • Sow February to April in an open sunny site preferably on ground which has been manured for a previous crop. Sow in double rows 5cm (2in) deep, 23cm (9in) apart in the row. The double rows should be spaced 23cm (9in) apart and a distance of 46-60cm (18-24in) should be left before the next set of double rows.

  • Hoe regularly and cut off the tops of the plants as soon as four clusters of bloom are showing.

  • Harvest the beans when the pods are well filled and the seeds still soft.

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