Grow Your Own - Potatoes & Bulbs

In the vast array of possible vegetables, potatoes, fruit and herbs to grow, it can be difficult to even figure out what to plant, much less what else you need to help it grow. So here's our recommendations for excellent potatoes and veg to grow alongside the ideal composts, pots, feeds and tools to help you along.

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Potatoes & Bulbs

Swift Potatoes

 - A first early potato that's very easy to grow and produces small creamy potatoes excellent for Baking, Roasting, Boiling, Salads & Chips. Comes in a pack of 10 bulbs. Plant in spring.

Charlotte Potatoes

- An award winning variety and our best selling potato, these easy growing tatties are perfect for salads as well as for being boiled and roasted. Plant from March Onwards.

Onion Centurion

- An excellent yield Onion with great value for money. Plant in spring for best results.

Onion Mixed

- A mixture of popular Onions for early planting.

Shallot Golden Gourmet

- A yellow shallot that's early growing and with a mild taste, making it perfect for pickling. Plant in spring.

Edenrose Garlic

- Rose coloured cloves with a strong flavour. Hardneck - Plant in spring.


How to Grow

Potatoes and Bulb Sets (Like garlic, onions, shallots, etc.) are best planted either into the ground, raised beds or large tubs. Every kind of bulb and vegetable is going to prefer different conditions to grow in, so if you're unsure about anything it's always advised to look up what you're looking to buy and find out more. There's plenty resources online, but also feel free to send us an email at and we'll answer any questions you have about planting.



Growise All-Purpose with Pro-5

- The best all-purpose compost there is, suitable for all applications in the garden and perfectly suited for planting bulbs and tatties. Best for use on its own in tubs and pots, or mixed into pre-existing soil.

Farmyard Manure 50L

- The traditional vegetable feed for centuries, manure is guaranteed to keep your vegetables and tatties healthy and productive. Best suited for raised beds and planting in the ground.


Pots & Planters

Smithy Patio Tub

 - The perfect tub for tatties and root vegetables, this tub gives plenty space for everything to grow while being sturdy and robust for any place in the garden.

Haxnick's Patio Planters

- A set of three flexible patio planters in different sizes, excellent for patios, balconies and general garden areas. Built in handles makes them easy to move, with differing heights letting you make lovely displays of flowers, with enough depth for happily growing potatoes and veg.


Fertilisers & Chemicals

Vitax Organic Potato Fertiliser 1kg

- Formulated to be the best assortment of nutrients to help potatoes grow healthily all through the growing season. Best used in tubs and planters, and is also effective in helping other vegetables and bulbs.

Vitax Growmore 2.5kg Box & 10kg Tub

- An excellent all-round feed suitable for every plant in the garden, letting you have a versatile feed all through the year. 

Slug Clear Ultra

- Slugs are the biggest threat to all plants in the garden, and the worst affected is often potatoes and vegetables. Using slug pellets along with other protection like copper banding on pots or grow-tunnels is a sure-fire method of keeping your crops safe.


Everything Else to Help you Grow

Spear & Jackson Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Spades

- Nobody wants to be on their hands and knees to dig up space for planting, so spades are the easy solution to that.

Clip-Gloves Ultimate Work Gloves

- Sturdy and flexible gloves with cut resistant padding on the top. Excellent for helping in rough and dirty garden work. 

Jersey Grip Gloves

- Excellent general purpose gloves with dotted palms to help with grip and flexible material for all garden use.

Haxnick's Easy Tunnels

- For those with the space to work with, these tunnels are an excellent choice for the slightly more experienced grower, 


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